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You may have heard that television viewing is  dropping off and being supplanted by internet and mobile use. Numerous studies indicate that assumption is completely incorrect.

A 2011 Nielsen report indicates that 62% of U.S. adults have watched televisio and used the internet at the same time, and 38% of connected device (mobile) owners looked up product information while watching TV on their devices.

In 2012 the Cable Television Advertising Bureau shared its findings that use of new video devices (i.e., tablets and phones) has fed, not cannibalized, television viewing (source: CAB Custom Study, "Which Screen - Every Screen").

While people are engaging more screens nowadays, it's often as an enhancement to their TV experience - looking up products they've seen on television. Television is the place to be, if you want to capture the attention of your customers and get your phone ringing.

Link your video ad to your website

Update and manage your website, blogs and forums, without coding knowledge.


You can tag your video for Google analytics and integrate YouTube into your website

 Get you video seen by millions of online viewers


Television on demand from New Zealand's top networks

YouTube video Advertising

Accessed via Google ad-word system, YouTube advertising let you place your 15 and 30 second spots on YouTube's most popular videos as pre-rollers.

Web site video ads

Many sites such as Trade Me and the Met Service allow video within their online placements.


Adding video to your Facebook ad increases the communication and the click-through rate.

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