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Television still on top for advertising delivery

Nielsen reports that in New Zealand more people than ever are watching television – an average of 2.95 million people tuned in everyday. About 98% homes have at least one television. Many have more than one. The Cable television Advertising Bureau reports that Cable television penetration (the total number of television households that also have cable television or other paid television) remains at its highest levels.

 72% of teens and 70% of young adults aged 18-24 are watching more or the same amount of television as last year. All age demographics reported they believe TV is the best device for watching video.

3 million Kiwis watch TV

In 2012 television reached 73% of Kiwis over the age of five each day and 95% of New Zealanders each month.

Television sets are in 99% of homes

On average we spend about 3hrs and 22 minutes each day watching television (2012).

YOU CAN measure TV advertising

Using a 'rating system' television stations can measure who is watching and when they are watching.

TV watching in on the increase

Television viewing is up by 19.5% since 2007. Newspapers and radio have seen a decrease in readers and audience since 2007.

MIX television with social marketing

By mixing you television campaign with social marketing, businesses can achieve a cross platform reach and interact with the target market.


It's easy to reach people by age, gender, geographic location, income level, interests, and combinations of these demographics.

Creating a great ad is one of the few legal ways to get an unfair advantage over your competitor


Consumers say television is where they are the MOST likely to learn about products they want to buy, and where they preferred to learn about new products.

Consumers voted television most influential by 78%, more than newspapers, radio, magazines and internet combined. Television also wins in the Most Authoritative, Most Persuasive, and Most Exciting categories, by a wide margin. A resounding 74% of the viewing public says television commercials are a fair price to pay for being able to watch TV.


We know that television wins by a wide margin over other media for being influential and exciting - but saying the right thing to the right audience is crucial.

Catalyst are experts at creating the right script. Scripts that make the till ring.

  People ask us "What makes a good script"? The answer is simple "Good scripts sell things"!

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